Determining the Value

Every Home and Property is Different and Unique

Estimated Opinions of Value
There are many ways to get an estimated value of your property these days.  Every major real estate website and franchise brokerage provide Automated Value Models (AVM’s).  AVM’s rely on publicly available information based on your properties address.  The values generated are widely different as each uses proprietary methods and data sources to arrive at a number.  Even Comparative Market Analysis reports (CMA’s) prepared by real estate professionals can vary based on the thoroughness of the agent preparing it and the quality & volume of the information used.

Every Seller has different reasons for Selling their Property

Our Method
At Taylor Premier Properties, we use the identical methods to determine value that licensed real estate appraisers use and those methods produce a detailed and highly accurate estimate of the current market value.  We understand that a CMA Value is only the beginning of the conversation not the end.  Adjustments should be made based on your goals & objectives for selling to arrive at the correct asking price.