Knowledge is Power

Do Your Real Estate Homework!

Understanding the buying process will set you up for success in your journey to find that perfect property.  You’ll be amazed by the sheer volume of things to accomplish and consider before starting your search.  We aren’t going to provide a home buyers education library, as there are many excellent, competent and informative websites who specialize in doing just that.  What we will do is share with you which we think are the most relevant and urge you to grab some of the knowledge that will allow you to power though the buying process with dignity and grace rather than stress and frustration.

A house is made with walls & beams A home is built with love & dreams

Author Ralph Waldo Emersons’ sentimental quote is quite pertinent.  Buying real estate involves both logical and emotional issues.  A house is where you eat, sleep & store your things.  It's a material investment.  A home is where you live, where you feel good, safe & protected.  Buying a house is a transactional purchase.  Buying a home is a relational event.  At some point the two will inevitably collide.  Starting out with a logical framework of decisions in place before the hot pursuit of the perfect property begins will help.  The key to successfully buying real estate is, in the end, a balancing act.

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